We are re-writing the book on website design.  Even to this day, website development is a “design driven” process where a website’s appearance is more important that the way it is structured and coded.  A truly successful website, however,  requires three separate and very different skill sets.  First, you need a talented designer that knows enough about SEO to create and present search engine friendly designs. Second, you need a talented and disciplined coder that understands the importance of SEO and does not take short-cuts in the development process.  Finally, you need a leading search engine optimization expert to manage the development process so that your website is designed and coded for the goal of ranking as highly as possible on the search engines – organically.

Not all Austin Texas SEO companies are the same.  Our Austin Web Design & SEO team is the full package.  Anyone can deliver a great looking website design.  Very few web design and SEO companies can deliver sustainable, revenue-generating SEO results.  This is what sets our Austin SEO team apart from any other in Texas.