Your website is an investment and a profit center, not a business expense.

SEO is the art of combining “on page” web design and coding with “off page” linking techniques that enable your website to rank well on the major search engines.

Our Austin SEO program starts with researching the keyword phrases that are most searched by your prospective customers.  Search engines use an ever changing, point-based algorithm to determine where a website gets ranked for a given keyword. When a fully optimized website is launched with an effective SEO strategy, it is likely to rank highest for the targeted keywords.

In other words, SEO makes your web page search engine friendly so when a web searcher uses the keywords that you’ve planned for your page, that page shows up on top of the search engine results list.

Approximately 90% of all online traffic is achieved through Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Therefore, knowing how to maximize your website’s visibility on the search engines is virtually the only way for people to find you online.

Today’s search engines operate much like the phone book except on a much larger scale. By searching a topic, people are able to instantly filter thousands of businesses. What is very different from phone directories, however, is that the top ranked business are often perceived by consumers as the best in the market. In other words, search engine results drive purchase decisions.

How your company’s website is found can be difficult with so much competition.

After all, does it do much good to have a state of the art website if no one can find it?

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